Who We Are?

We are the dream-team of dietitians and nutritionists all working together collaboratively to ensure that we help you address your health goals properly and comprehensively. For exercise, we have joint forces with Naomi Ferstera, one of the country’s best exercise physiologists to help guide you through exercise and movement for optimal health and performance.


Having done a stint in a large metropolitan hospital, I discovered very quickly that I needed to do more than prescribe supplements and hand out scripted info-sheets that were, in the grand scheme of things, not making a huge difference to their wellbeing. I hated walking into wards and identifying patients purely by what ward they were on, their room number and their bed number. I hated that we were given a short few days (sometimes a short few hours!) to make a lifelong difference to that person’s health.

Above all, I hated that I couldn’t help people prevent the illnesses that landed them in hospital in the first place, despite having all the resources and knowledge to be able to do so.

Starting Metro Dietetics was my way of making a real difference. It gave me the opportunity to sit down with individuals, discuss at length their nutritional issues and goals, and have the time to actually help them make a difference.

Now, with a growing team of dietitians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists on board at Metro Dietetics, our philosophy has not changed. Here, we are all committed to helping everyone that comes to us for assistance achieve their nutrition goals, and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.”

Meet The Team

Vivek Kumar

Sports & Clinical Nutritionist

Feng-Yuan Liu

Founder, CEO and senior dietitian

Sean Dorrian

Director and Head of Sales

Jessica Singh

Clinical Dietitian

Rania Hatz

Clinical Dietitian

Samantha Brennecke

Dragon-Slaying GateKeeper of the Metro Dietetics Castle

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