What is a Nutritionist?

Nutritionists are University Qualified professionals that are on a continual path of training and education to ensure that the nutritional information they provide is up to date, evidence based and accurate.

Nutritionists’ tackle health and wellness with a multifaceted approach. This includes, however is not limited to; identifying nutrient deficiencies, adequacy and facilitating increased demands. As nutritionists, we understand everyone has their own lifestyle factors, therefore requiring specific tailored treatments to suit their needs.

Nutritionists incorporate traditional and holistic food knowledge with current up to date evidence to assist and motivate individuals to eat well, live a healthier lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

Within Metro Dietetics; Evidence based practice, clinical reasoning and ethics ensure that all dietary and supplement recommendations are efficacious and safe.

Why see a Nutritionist?

We can help:

  • Assist in healthy and sustainable weight loss or gain
  • Assist with specific sporting / performance goals and requirements
  • Design tailored meal plans
  • Assist in digestive health, including but not limited to; IBS, IBD, bloating and intolerances
  • Assist with regulating blood glucose levels and working together with the dietitians in diabetes management
  • Plus much more

In addition, our Nutritionist at Metro Dietetics, Vivek Kumar, has been accredited through the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) to ensure up-to-date professional development and knowledge at all times.