Clinical Dietitian
Founder and Co-Director of Metro Dietetics

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Level 1 ISAK Anthropometrist, Member of the Dietitians’ Association of Australia (DAA)

Melbourne dietitian Feng-Yuan has a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Monash University as well as Post Graduate qualifications in Sports Nutrition through Sports Dietitians Australia, completed at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

With close to a decade’s experience in private clinical practice, Feng-Yuan has honed her skills and have zoomed in on her passionate interest in metabolic and hormonal health. All our bodily processes are regulated by hormones: how much or how little energy we have, how much or how little we crave certain foods, how hot or how cold we feel, how much or how little our weight is able to shift, how much of that is weight gain in the mid-section, and so on so forth.

From these hormonal regulations come health issues: diabetes, PCOS, cardiovascular disease, under or over-active thyroid, anxiety, depression and many more.

As a result, Feng-Yuan has dedicated herself to helping those who experience any of the above symptoms or below conditions:

  • Diabetes (Type 1 and 2), and Insulin Resistance
  • PCOS and Endometriosis
  • HPA-Axis Dysfunction (or more commonly referred to as ‘adrenal fatigue’ or ‘burnout’)
  • Weight Management (Utilizing a Structured Macronutrient Approach)

Feng-Yuan utilises up-to-date research to assist her clients achieve results, as opposed to following Guidelines and dogma. She believes that nutritional science is a rapidly progressive science, and following guidelines just will not allow her clients to receive the best quality care that is available.

* * *Feng-Yuan currently consults at our Metro HQ in Thornbury as well as our Melbourne CBD, Lower Templestowe and Hawthorn clinics. Please see our Contact Us page for details to call and book an appointment with Feng-Yuan. You can also enquire directly with Feng-Yuan on:




Clinical Nutritionist

ANTA-Accredited Nutritionist, Member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), Certificate III and IV in Personal Training

With over 7 years’ experience within the health and fitness industry, Vivek has a proven patient centered approach which allows the client to set goals according to their specific lifestyle. Vivek’s sincere passion for health has seen him overcome personal health issues including Type 2 Diabetes and a long battle with obesity. As a result of his personal successes, Vivek’s key specialty areas include:

Areas of expertise:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Body transformations
  • Healthy eating
  • Natural Supplementation
  • Functional/Non-functional pathology interpretation

Vivek has been helping clients for years through client centered care, allowing his clients to set goals and overcome self-imposed limitations within their specific lifestyle. Vivek also works closely with the team of Accredited Practising Dietitians at Metro Dietetics in advising clients on Medical Nutrition Therapy for some health conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes.

* * *Vivek currently consults at our Metro HQ in Thornbury. Please see our Contact Us page for details to call and book an appointment with Vivek. You can also enquire directly with Vivek on:




Sleep Therapist
Co-Director of Metro Dietetics

With a background in Training and Assessment, it was very serendipitous how Sean became a sleep therapist and part of our dynamic team. Living with a chronic condition himself, Sean is very aware of the impact this can have on quality of life. Since becoming a Channel Trainer in Sleep and CPAP Therapy, Sean became immediately drawn to how something so simple as CPAP could be so life-changing, yet he was in complete shock as to why sleep apnoea remains one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in Australia.

Since then, Sean has made it his mission to bring about awareness for sleep apnoea, and has dedicated himself to identifying sleep apnoea through conducting Home Sleep Studies, and ultimately, helping those who have it go through with CPAP therapy, which Sean strongly believes is one of the missing pieces of the puzzle for why so many people struggle to lose weight.

If you are unsure whether you, or someone you know may have sleep apnoea, please contact Sean to have a chat and discuss the possibility of a Home Sleep Study.

* * *Sean consults out of our Metro HQ and can be contacted directly on:





Clinical Dietitian

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN) Member of the Dietitians’ Association of Australia (DAA)

Jessica is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist who completed her studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne. She believes her role as a dietitian is to help her clients understand whole, unrefined foods and the powerful influence it has on overall health and well-being.
In the ever-evolving realm of nutrition and health, Jessica understands the importance of keeping an open-mind to emerging research while always practising using an evidence-based approach.
Her areas of special interest include:

  • Metabolic Syndrome (insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes)
  • Autism spectrum disorder (through macronutrient ratio modification and gut support)
  • Gut Health (IBS, Low FODMAP diet, SIBO)

With her keen interest in complementary medicine, Jessica is open to working collaboratively with other natural health modalities to help her clients make sustainable dietary changes.

* * *Jess is currently working out of our Metro HQ in Thornbury. Please see our Contact Us page for details to call and book an appointment with Jess. You can also enquire directly with Jess on:



Intern at Metro Dietetics
Qualified Exercise and Sport Scientist

Exercise and Sport Scientist (ESS), Student of Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics (graduating 2017)

Currently studying a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics , Jessica is a dedicated student who is passionate toward helping others utilize the powerful tool that is nutrition to enrich their lives. Jessica completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science) in early 2015 then took a short break from study to work full time in administration for the Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre. During this time, Jessica gained professional dietetics experience under the support and guidance of Feng-Yuan Liu.
As the Intern at Metro Dietetics, Jessica assists with admin and resource development for our Accredited Practising Dietitians, Accredited Nutritionist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

* * *Jessica can be contacted directly on: