Your Discipline Is Making You Fat

A lot of successful business owners and entrepreneurs that I’ve spoken to have echoed the same frustration to me – they’re applying their business work ethic to their food and exercise, but their weight is not budging, and their energy levels aren’t improving.

The thing is, the message out there, being perpetuated by PTs, health professionals, even doctors is that weight loss comes about when you achieve a caloric deficit.

Fundamentally, they subscribe to the belief that it’s all a matter of Calories in, Calories out.

Based on that, to lose weight, an energy deficit must be created. Simple!  Right?

Just reduce your caloric intake by watching what you put in your mouth, and increase your caloric output by training hard.

If you do this and you still don’t lose weight? Well that’s because you’re a liar and you’re lazy.

But here’s the thing.

How is it that a successful entrepreneur who has built her business from zero to multi-millions of dollars, stuck to a 500kcal a day diet whilst doing kickboxing 3 times a week, found herself at a point where she was 89kgs and her weight just wouldn’t budge?

Oh, that’s right – she must be a liar and she must be lazy!

See, if there is anything I’ve learnt, it’s that highly successful people don’t get to where they are by being lazy. They don’t get to where they are by cutting corners on themselves and they certainly don’t get to where they are without the most ruthless work ethic.

So, business owners, you want to know what I think the problem is?

The problem is that the calories in calories out equation is wrong, and your ruthless work ethic – the same one that got you from zero to multi-millions in your business –  is the very work ethic that is stopping you from losing weight.

Yes, I said it.

You are TOO disciplined and it’s your discipline that is making you fat.

Just like athletes have a specific set of requirements to fuel their bodies and sustain their training for optimal performance, business owners have their own unique set of requirements, too.

What you need to understand as the business owner is that you didn’t gain weight because you over-ate. Therefore, you won’t be losing weight by under-eating and starving your body.

When you under eat, you place your body under undue stress, further adding to the stress you are already experiencing from business ownership. When that happens, your body experiences a whole cascade of metabolic responses to that stress, and that is where it all starts.

Your insulin levels rise, your hunger-fullness hormone secretion is disrupted, your sleep is disturbed, inflammation increases and your gut microbiota is affected.

Literally, a chemical shit-storm breaks out, and the side effect? Weight gain.

When you begin to understand that your weight gain didn’t happen because of too many calories in, you will stop blaming yourself for not being disciplined enough.

When you learn that your cravings are from starving yourself and you’re not just weak with no self-control, then you will stop feeling guilty every time your mind wanders to candy-land.

For you, we need to calm the storm, fix the signalling, and address the issues in a way that makes sense for your body.

Then, you will be able to experience not being hungry all the time.

Then, you will know what a good night’s sleep really means.

Then, you can have a chance of seeing weight loss and increased energy levels exist within you, simultaneously.

Because, let’s be honest, eating broccoli 6 times a day has certainly not boosted your metabolism and helped you lose weight – it’s just made you hungrier, crankier and frankly, more disappointed in yourself.

In case you haven’t noticed, this is something I’m fiercely passionate about, and I’m dedicated to helping business owners like yourself really get to the bottom of this chemical shitstorm (aka: burnout) and what you need to be doing to actually fix it and starting shifting that weight properly.

Because of the overwhelming number of business owners I come across in this situation you find yourself in, I have prepared a report that I am giving to you for free, so you can really get to understand burnout.  There’s a LOT of myths perpetuated about burnout and what you can do to fix it – many of these myths actually make your burnout worse!

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Feng-Yuan Liu

Feng-Yuan Liu is the Founder, CEO and Senior Dietitian of Metro Dietetics.